How to make your influencer marketing campaign successful and increase your product sales.
Tips from epicureans.

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Chefs, cooking enthusiasts and a few curious meet online every day to talk food. Ground for innovation, wide topic of conversation, source of inspiration and a passion shared by food and table arts lovers.

Whether experts or amateur cooks, creators talking about food and cooking share the same particular identity: credible, authentic social networks and a committed and loyal community to show for it.

Something to awaken our taste buds and build hype around your products.













Influencer marketing

We put your product in the kitchens of the most relevant influencers for your brand. An influencer is a passionate leader, a reference in his field of expertise, in cooking, gastronomy or table arts. Someone with a strong voice who has influence, which will help increase food product sales and develop brand awareness.

Brand experience


Influencers invitations

Journalists invitations

Video recordings

Digital resonance

Editorial recipes

We will guide you through an introduction to cultural, gastronomic and epicurean journey : meeting the producers, discovering your farm, wine workshop, exploring grape varieties, as well as local wine and food pairings. Influencers and their audience will be amazed and seduced by this variety of experiences, your product and their story leaving a memorable and lasting impact.

Content writing

Culinary design

Recipe testing


Redirects to your website

Brand references

An original aperitif box - gourmet products & wines

We analyze your product to concoct an original aperitif box, personalized to the influencer's taste. This special attention generates authentic and compelling promotional content for your culinary product.

Brand experience


Influencer invitation

Design & decorations


Publications optimization

Content creation

By defining a brand universe and editorial line, we will produce content that highlights and puts your product forward on social media.

Photo production

Video production

Content writing

Content strategy

Dissemination strategy

Amplification of content

YouTube videos

Where passionate amateurs and great chefs share a wide variety of recipes, cooking tips, pro tips, or their grandmother's well-kept secrets in clear educational cooking videos.

At Clark, we help you fit in with the hottest cooking trends on YouTube – we’ve gone way past just making bread during lockdown.

Events and experiential marketing

We conceptualize many experiential events for influencers, building solid identification around your brand's highlights and validating your mission.

Brand experience


Influencers invitations

Journalists invitations

Video recordings

Digital resonance

IGA Roof Top Event


We have a passion for images, beautiful brands, storytelling ... Whatever the medium, we strive to offer creative, aesthetic and original responses that make sense. Our strong experience in production gives us all necessary knowledge and tools to unify a talented team of experts in culinary creation.

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