How to make your influencer marketing campaign successful and get people to the theaters.
Tips from cinephiles.

Influencer marketing

Cinema X Film

Clark, the agency that makes you go to the movies 🎬.

“You are comfortably seated in a movie theater, you’re eating your popcorn, the lights go down, the curtain opens, the sound goes up, the screen comes to life. Why are you sitting there, in this overcrowded room, with people you don't know and with whom you will laugh, cry, be afraid, be moved ...? What made you pay 10 dollars to see this movie? "(Jean-Paul Camilleri)

What we are interested in at Clark is to understand the function and creation of digital word of mouth in the film industry.








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Influencer marketing

We showcase your film to public figures and influencers who encourage their audience to go to the theatre.


Identifying influencers

Content writing

Content strategy

Dissemination strategy

Content amplification


Cinema is an hedonistic experience. Viewers go to the cinema because they want to contemplate images and feel emotions. Seeing a film gives pleasure to the spectator who is in search of novelty, excitement and sensations. At Clark, we invite people who know how to spread the word on your film based on their sensory experience.

Brand experience


Influencers invitations

Journalists invitations

Video recordings

Digital resonance

How does cinematic word-of-mouth affect the Box Office?

Viewers enjoy sharing information related to cinematic products. Electronic word of mouth in the industry has both a quantitative influence on the box office and a qualitative influence on film appreciation. Studies show that positive internet reviews increase likelihood of a film's commercial success.

Film reviews

Movie ratings

Word of mouth

Travel photographer

Management of activities & partnerships

Oenology workshops

Content creation
before a movie's release

We analyze your film and develop an original content strategy to promote your film, thanks to digital personalities recommendations.

Brand experience


Influencers invitations

Design & decorations


Optimization of publications

For all brands, producers and associations worldwide

Clark's Little Guide to Big Campaigns

We have identified several 2.0 influencers (or digital opinion leaders) who are at the heart of cinematic conversations on social networks.

We have classified them into three broad categories.

Ordinary individuals

Intermediate elites

The big screen superstars

What power do digital influencers have over film audiences?
Is the Internet the new flagship media on which professionals must capitalize to benefit from the best cinema marketing?

🍸 🎥 🍾 🎬 🥃 🍿

What power do digital influencers have over film audiences?
How can you increase your box office numbers with influencer marketing? Contact us!
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