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Engaging audiences with passion.​


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Strategy, Trends

& Storytelling.

We analyze your competitors and consumers’ behaviour thoroughly.We do in-depth exploration of digital trends, leading us to create informed and innovative brand strategies. We make stories that leave no one indifferent.

Consumer Studies

Competitive Intelligence

Digital Trends

Sector Study


Brand Audit

Influencer Marketing

We are Clark Influence. We dared the word, even if slightly overused. Because we really do believe in influence. We believe that an influencer isn't just a popular person. It's a leader, a benchmark, an enthusiast who becomes a reference in their area of expertise. Someone whose voice carries to influence their community. Someone who sells and moves front lines.

Selected influencers

Socio-demo analysis

Nano, micro and TOP

Fraud Detection

Influence Score

Sector Experts

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Content Creation

All social, digital and offline content we produce is original, daring and bespoke to gather loyal and committed audiences. Our mission? Make stories to remember.

Video Production

Photo Production


Content Strategy

Outreach Strategy

Content Elaboration

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Event and Experiential Marketing

We conceptualize experiential events for influencers, strengthening your brand promise and increasing your highlights’ impact.

Brand experience


Guest Influencers

Guest Journalists


Digital Resonance

IGA Roof Top Event

360 Influence

Influence has not limit, be it 140 characters or an Instagram story format. We choose influencers with strong media presence, going beyond social media borders to broadcast your message by way of radio or TV channels.

Radio presence

TV presence


Posters and displays

Brand Ambassadors​


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Brand Platforms

Product advertising can no longer be the sole communication medium for brands. A company must now offer a solid vision, values and commitments. We created the Clark Content Factory, a team dedicated to content production (videos, podcasts, blog posts)that helps brands become fully fledged medias by collaborating with writers, journalists and content creators. Fueling a passion for content and digital trends, the team scours the web and fathoms subjects at crossroads between the target audience's concerns and the brand's field of expertise. The Clark Content Factory team truly has a passion for all and anything passionating.

Content Lab



Blog articles

Editorial strategy

Platform identity

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Press Trips

Influence goes far beyond an idea of girls in swimsuits on paradisiac beaches. At Clark, we set goals for trips and set up an engaging program to ensure your target is met. Once on location, you get support from our production team which includes a travel videographer, a travel photographer, journalists and travel content creators. We already got Air France, the Guadeloupe tourist office and Montreal airport’s trust. Shall we take you on a trip?

Travel Video

Travel Vlog

Influencers Trips

Travel Photographers

Activities & Partnerships Management

Travel Brochures


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