noun countable (kəˈrɪə(r))

Profession within which we reinvent ways of doing.

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Clark Influence is always looking for people who can make our collective stronger, more relevant, more engaged and more human.

Since Clark Influence started, we’ve always considered our corporate culture and our collaborators to be our greatest asset and at the very heart of our growth. The Clark spirit has since sharpened, finding it’s essence in that our teams always feel part of the Clark Influence family.


What matters to us in recruiting are your desires, your motivations, your passions and your personality over skills, backgrounds or experience.


We're looking for committed and charismatic personalities with a strong desire to go above and beyond. Marketing enthusiasts who want to join us in our mission to connect brands and consumers in a relevant and creative way.

Learn and Grow with Clark.

We give you all resources to continue learning and perfect your skills throughout your professional career. We want you to be stimulated by what you do. Lunch & Learn will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Have Some Serious Fun
with Clark.

Working's good, but hard work also means rewarding you with precious and unforgettable moments. We wouldn't want to spoil you, but we do hold regular agency events, be it happy hours, cocktail parties or even our famous annual chalet. Clark Influence definitely isn’t kidding with fun.

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with Clark​

Openness, collaboration and transparency are in our DNA. We share ideas and skills; each member of the team puts their expertise to the benefit of the agency so that everyone can benefit. We work in a team spirit that leaves no room for ego, after all, we all seek to create together by sharing our expertise.

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Let's join the #ClarkTeam

Check these before sending in your appplication


Love challenges. We’re not only talking professional ones - whether it be in curling or in leading a project proposal. If you don't think you can do it, then surely you just have do it!


Be proactive, for real!  You love ideas in all shapes and forms. Any initiative will be more than welcome.


Be a digital culture junkie! Surf the web like there’s no tomorrow to feed on everything and anything. Time to switch to Fiber.


Be fluent in social talk. In this social-first era, storytelling and starting discussions around brands are essential skills. Think you can bolster their social content by putting them under a different light? We need you! However, if that just means filling a page with empty words, then nevermind for us.


Foster your network. We recruit masters of professional networking who can always find the little genius with the right answer to the million-bitcoins question. Whether he’s three blocks away or on a shoot in Gaspésie.


Keep an open mind. That’s perhaps the most important one. Clark has no age, gender, or gluten intolerance.